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dear lovely woman,


Welcome to Lighthouse, where you are loved and valued!

We know sometimes working in the sex industry can make you feel exhausted and unsafe. It’s almost as if you are constantly treading turbulent waters just to keep your head above water. You might even wonder if anyone else sees you struggling to keep yourself afloat.


Lighthouse sees you and understands this struggle and wants you to know you are not alone! You are not lost at sea.

Lighthouse wants to provide a searchlight in your life to help you to see and avoid any dangerous rocks in your path that could cause you to become shipwrecked.


We also can help you to steer clear of potential dangers that would cause you harm in any way.


Remember, you are loved and you are treasured. We want to support, guide, and mentor you in your life’s journey.


Living a prosperous and healthy life is possible and we at Lighthouse extend our love and resources to help you discover a life worth living.


Much love and mighty blessings,

The Lighthouse Team


We'd love to hear from you. Hit us up with the form on this page and share any prayer requests or needs you have in the comment section. Include your address so we can send you a free care package filled with goodies to enjoy.

Thanks, lady!

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